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Human Age of Computation, Asteroid Strike, Gene Editing – Flipboard Report [2019]

Hi I’m Fletch talking about what I know nothin about and this is Flipboard Report discussing articles about the human age of computation, how vulnerable the earth is to asteroid strikes, & gene editing.

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Video Transcription:

Hey everybody this Flipboard Report on MindStretch with Fletch

Today we???re gonna be goin??? through a few articles I flipped recently about the human age of computation, how vulnerable the earth is to asteroid strikes, and gene editing.

Since this is the first Flipboard Report. I’m gonna tell ya real quick how to find the newest stuff I’ve flipped.

See Flipboard is an online article curation site. And if yer sick a seein nothin’ but bad news, politics, and what yer friends are up to.

Ya might wanna mozy on over to Flipboard where you can pick the topics that yer interested in and they find the articles fer ya. It’s pretty useful and will help ya stretch your mind instead of just muddying it up all the time.

And on the site, you can find what I’ve found to be most interestin lately with just a few taps or clicks. So here’s what ya do.

Ya go yer web browser on yer computer and type in flipboard or go to yer app store on yer mobile phone and do the same.

Then just do a quick search fer mindstretch and you’ll see my face and just click or tap on er and it’ll take ya right there.

One thing I came across was about how fast the planet and human civilization is changin these days

In this technological age, human actions have a much bigger impact comparable to what used to take a long time to accomplish.

In fact, scientists give names to different eras so that future generations can distiguish betweens periods of time, and the earth just entered a new one they’re calling Anthropocene

And much of this advancement is attributed to the digitalization of data and communication

Y’all are now able to record and share so much information with each other that you’re moving faster than nature and this will effect how things is for long time to come.

So it’d be best if you were aware of some of what’s a coming.

So if you want the details check out the article it’s titled “On the age of computation in the epoch of humankind”

Another thing I found is about NASA’s lack of readiness for an Asteroid Strike.

Now I’m not wantin to get ya all scared about nothin. But sometimes it helps to get a little perspective so ya quit worrying about the little things. And appreciate the moments.

Basically NASA explains how they find 5 new asteroids every night. Now there’s less than a .01 percent chance of one hitting the earth within 100 years.

But if one pops up they have no plan B.

They have a whole bunch of ideas, but right now they have nothin in place in case.

Even with many years notice.

So the reality is, it aint nothin like that movie Armageddon where Bruce Willis saves the day with a last second plan from NASA. That’s called Hollywood.

And this is just one of the reasons why people like Elon Musk are so serious about getting humans off the planet and creatin a backup civilization somewheres else.

So just think about that when you’re considerin his plan to go to Mars. and whether ya think it’s useful

There’s more in this article if you want see fer yourself. It’s called “Earth is Totally unprepared for a surprise asteroid Strike”

The last one I flipped fer today is about usin gene editing to create designer humans like straight outa the movie Gattaca.

Ya aint quite there yet, but it’s a gettin closer.

It’s called CRISPR and it’s pretty wild. This article explains what it is and how it came to be.

See bacteria has it’s own immune system, and when a virus attacks it, defends itself and repairs it’s DNA.

And it’s this defense system that scientists are learning how to use on the human genome to make whatever changes they want.

Now y’all don’t really know what you’re doin yet, so ya need to be careful.

But it’s interestin for sure.

And if you want to learn more about that see the article “Opening Pandora’s Box: Gene Editing and its Consquences”

Alright, that???s it for this video. I hope it stretched your mind at least a bit. Just remember, ???a mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original shape.??? See ya next time.

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