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Fletch’s Take on Wave vs Particle [2019]

Hi I’m Fletch, Talkin’ About What I Know Nothin’ About. “MindStretch with Fletch” is a smart cartoon comedy infotainment show exploring reality, beliefs, and stretching your mind!

“MindStretch with Fletch” covers topics like science, philosophy, spirituality, music, movies and more as an effort to help expand global consciousness.

The ideas presented are not intended to tell you how to think, but rather to give you a diverse perspective on concepts that many times are held to be fact based on your personal education, experience, and beliefs. Our goal is for you to open your mind, do your own research and think for yourself.

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(Fletch is a conscious observer that has been around since before time as we know it began. He exists outside of time and space with the ability to observe & interact with other beings along with living as any form of life he wants, whenever he wants, and remembers his experiences.)

Video Transcription:

Hey everybody this is Fletch???s Take on Wave vs Particle

Today we???re gonna be lookin??? at what these are, and what science experiments have turned up. So we gonna be goin??? through clips with Dr Quantum, from the movie ???Down the Rabbit Hole??? We???re gonna try and help ya understand, what???s goin??? on in the topsy turvy world of matter.

See there???s a test that was done in the last couple hundred years or so called the double slit experiment that just blew them physicists away. You could say it stretched their minds. Aint never seen nothin??? like it.

And since then, they done tons of ???em, and found the same thing happens. So here???s the deal.

(Clip 1)

So ya see what happened there? That was just basic physics and what we all experience in the world around us. Marbles and waves behave in different ways when they travel through slits. They not the same at all. So what exactly does this got to do with matter?

(Clip 2)

Now that???s crazier than a sprayed roach right there. It flipped and flopped everything humans thought they knew about matter. And has continued to confuse the issue ever since.

They tried all kinds of ways to figure out an explanation for why that happens. At first, they thought maybe them electrons was bouncin off each other, but that wasn???t it.

So they just kept widdlin??? down the possibilities like a blade on a twig, til there wasn???t nothin left. Then they realized somethin???

(Clip 3)

Now doesn???t that just tickle yer fancy. How can this be? Well… physicists have been trying to figure that out fer a crow???s age.

They contemplated all kinds of logical scenarios to figure out if matter is a wave or a particle. And what they keep comin back to is??? Ya can???t there from here. Since everything we see looks like matter is somethin solid, and not a wave, how can this be happenin. So they decided to try something else.

(Clip 4)

I know this is gonna be hard to swallow, and obviously they thought a lots of things that could be affecting these tests. And it wasn???t really a mechanical eyeball watching them electrons neither. It was somethin??? more scientific, but this was just to give ya an idea of what they done.

Course there???s lots more to this that I can???t cover real quick like. But hopefully this gives ya somethin??? to think about. The power of observation just might create matter at the quantum level, which makes up the physical universe that ya???ll can touch and see.

Alright, that???s it for this video. I hope it stretched your mind at least a bit. Just remember, ???a mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original shape.??? See ya next time.

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