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Meet Fletch from MindStretch

See What This Show Is All About!

Hi I’m Fletch, Talkin’ About What I Know Nothin’ About. “MindStretch with Fletch” is a smart cartoon comedy infotainment show exploring reality, beliefs, and stretching your mind!

“MindStretch with Fletch” was created by Jason Garriotte with Fletch illustrated by Jonathan Moore. The show covers topics like science, philosophy, spirituality, music, movies and more as an effort to help expand global consciousness.

The ideas presented are not intended to tell you how to think, but rather to give you a diverse perspective on concepts that many times are held to be fact based on your personal education, experience, and beliefs. Our goal is for you to open your mind, do your own research and think for yourself.

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(Fletch is a conscious observer that has been around since before time as we know it began. He exists outside of time and space with the ability to observe & interact with other beings along with living as any form of life he wants, whenever he wants, and remembers his experiences.)

Video Transcription:

Hey everybody this is MindStretch with Fletch. Talkin about what I know nothin about.

And I???m fixin to tell you a little bit about myself.Been around a long time. Longer than this universe. Longer than lots of other universes. Let???s say I didn???t just fall off the turnip truck. So as you can see. My mind has formed so many neuro connections over the eons that my brain eventually grew right out of my skull.

You see consciousness is eternal. It???s our unique perspective that separates each of us from everybody else. And where I come from, we understand that biological suits come and go. Like a fart in the wind. But that ain???t us. We???re all an observer, with a memory, that is aware we exist, and continues to learn and evolve for all time.

And for some reason, I can live as any form of life I choose, whenever I want. Why I???ve been a spider, a mountain lion, a forest, a man-bear-pig. Hell I???ve even been a bacterium many times.

And when I???m not chillin in a body, I???m able to observe and interact with any beings I want, outside of time and space. I remember so many experiences. And ???cause of this I want to help everybody discover, question, reflect on and understand more about what???s really going on. From another perspective.

And that???s what this show is about.

I???m going to be covering all kinds of ideas. Now, I don???t have all the answers. but I???m full of questions. I???m gonna be just telling stories, making observations, and sharing adventures that may stretch your mind. Sometimes it???ll make you laugh, it should at the least make ya think.

But if yer mind???s all closed up tighter than an ant???s pooper you might just get yer britches all twisted for a spell. But that???s alright. The key is to keep learning and thinking. Never assume that you know everything. Cause then you???re about useful as a steerin wheel on a mule.

A great thinker named Socrates was once asked. What makes you so wise? And he said, ???cause I know that I know nothin??? Now??? this obviously wasn???t literally true.

He was talkin what he knew compared to all the information out there. And the fact that he really knew nothing. Only what education, experience and logic had taught him.

So even though I do have a few thoughts about things, I really have only one oar in the water. So no matter what I say do your own research and make up your mind for your own damn self. I???m just throwing out some ideas trying shake things up.

And if you can???t stand the nuclear fusion then get out of the reactor is what I always say. Alright. Enjoy the journey. And if yer up for it see ya on down the road.

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