MindStretch with Fletch

About MindStretch

"MindStretch with Fletch" was created by Jason Garriotte with Fletch illustrated by Jonathan Moore. The show covers topics like science, philosophy, spirituality, music, movies and more in an introspective and comedic format as an effort to help expand global consciousness.

The ideas presented are not intended to tell you how to think, but rather to give you a diverse perspective on concepts that many times are held to be fact based on your personal education, experience, and beliefs. Our goal is for you to open your mind, do your own research, and think for yourself.

Show Segment Descriptions

Adventures in MindStretchLand - Fletch (and others) visit an imaginary reality where anything is possible and they have the ability to observe, comment on, and influence a series of events leading to a "forked moment." After which they will explore what could have happened if the characters would have made different choices.

Chattin' It Up - Fletch chats with a special guest about a topic of interest.

Fletch's Take - Fletch will explore aspects of various topics to consider different perspectives for an idea.

Flipboard Report - Fletch will discuss recently discovered articles from the curated stories shared on the Flipboard platform. Articles discussed will be flipped to the @MindStretch channel for further exploration.

Livin' Lives - Fletch tells stories about the many lives he's lived as some kind of being and shares aspects of the existence that intends to give you some perspective on what's it's like to not be you.

TEDx Talk Analysis - Fletch shares clips and comments on various TEDx Talks and the issues involved with the work their doing.